In the summer of 2014, the Bay Area Writing Project and ISS-ULink Education Services, Ltd., launched the first BAWP-China Youth Writers’ Camp in Nansha, Guangzhou, China. The joint mission of this partnership is to promote intercultural education through the teaching and learning of language and literacy. We believe writing is essential to all communication, learning and citizenship. It helps us convey ideas, solve problems, and understand our changing world. Writing is the bridge to the future.

Over the course of four years, ISS-ULink and BAWP has created Writing Camps for Chinese national students age 10 to 18 with highly interactive, creative and challenging classes in a carefully structured environment for English language learner, taught by expert language teachers from the San Francisco Bay Area’s schools and colleges.

In 2018, the camps will expand further to become BAWP-Learning Camp that includes subject-based content to enrich language learning. The goal is to engage students in their learning and to grow their capacity to use the English language to think deeply, express themselves clearly, and to analyze their ideas critically in a highly interactive and engaging environment.