Starting a new school is a complex project that requires multiple levels of careful design and planning. How do you ensure that the school development plan is aligned with projected growth? How do you design the foundation of your curriculum and instructions that would ultimately define the competitiveness of your program? How do you recruit and orient overseas staff to work effectively and collaboratively in a Chinese context? How do you balance investment and return, and translate it to quality school?

We work together with owner/investor to define mission, purpose, roles and responsibilities, and desired outcomes. The blueprint that will inform the development of the school typically follow these major steps:

  • Define needs and aspirations of school and stakeholders
  • Define development plan (demographics, projected growth, market analysis, etc.)
  • Define legal and regulatory environment (entity, partnership, etc.)
  • Define, design, and/or evaluate facility options and needs
  • Define standards of quality (staffing, class size, matters in relation to teaching and learning, etc.)
  • Create financial models and budget projections
  • Define outcome, conditions and measures of success
  • Monitor timelines and budget
  • Define, design, develop curriculum and procure educational resources
  • Recruit overseas and local faculty and staff
  • Develop and implement marketing and admissions plan
  • Establish school policies and procedures (administrative, admissions, operational, organizational, etc.)
  • Establish school operational infrastructure