Improvement Services

The full range of experience allows ISS-ULink to support school operations and continuous development. Drawing from its team of specialists, ISS-ULink has the capacity to work with schools at different stage of development, offering strategic advice and support to establish and improve their operation. Our range of improvement services includes curriculum and program assessment consultancy, educational facilities design and consultation, education branding, school support operation, and admissions & marketing data management.


Curriculum & Program Assessment Consultancy

“However, as the curriculum is being implemented, there is a need to continuously monitor the progress.” - Anonymous

The service is designed to assist schools in developing a comprehensive system to manage their curriculum, define learning objectives, establish teaching standards, and identify professional development needs that can connect to international accreditation process.

Educational Facility Design & Consultancy

“The quality of the physical learning environment goes hand in hand with academic performance.” - Global Educator Institute

Adults, peers, and ultimately places and the physical environments shape students’ learning experiences, and their perceptions of the world around them with all its limitations or possibilities. ISS-ULink can assist schools to optimize their facility design to allow for more creative, efficient, safe and collaborative use of learning spaces; thus shifting education from instruction-based practice to discovery and exploration.

Education Branding

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” - Scott Cook

A school’s brand is what differentiates it from other schools. The process of defining and crafting your brand is about finding ways to communicate the value that sets you apart from others. ISS-ULink believes branding is one of the most important aspects of promoting and marketing your school. What image and feelings do you want people to have about your school or service?

Admissions & Marketing Data Management

“Without data you are just another person with an opinion.” - Edward Deming, Statistician

Leveraging big data has been a focus of discussion in many industries; the same should apply for the field of education. Schools can greatly improve their services and marketing decision-making by collecting and managing data during their admissions process. Awareness training, combined with custom designed software program, admission and marketing can be integrated to provide an efficient and consistent process that would enhance quality and cut cost in a long run.