A Culturally Responsive Professional Development for All Teachers.

As demand for international education increases around the world, school demographics are shifting to have greater representation in host country nationals. While schools continue to recruit overseas teachers with western trained pedagogy and experience, more and more are recognizing the need for greater diversity to address local needs. Resident educators have natural insight and alignment with host country national children--their culture, language and history--and therefore have valuable contributions that schools want and need to leverage and incorporate. However, there are scarce international opportunities for professional development that effectively address the local educators’ perspective and needs.

In 2015, ISS-ULink responded to this need with the creation of the International Education Training Center (IETC). IETC is the only professional development program especially designed for teachers with little to no exposure to research-based effective practice training to further expand their learning of teaching. The program was honed in the dynamic learning laboratories of ISS-ULink’s international schools for national students in China.