We live in time of exponential growth. In an increasingly complex, interconnected, and global economy, society’s future will be determined by the preparedness of its individuals to effectively compete on multiple levels. If the purpose of education today is to prepare our youngsters for such future, it calls for developing individuals who are creative thinkers and problem solvers. Student learning and development can no longer centered on mastering a body of content knowledge in a traditional sense. Learning needs to be designed with 21st century competencies in mind so the diverse perspectives can challenge bias and prejudice to truly prepare learners to be inclusive, empathetic, conscientious human beings who can think globally and connect locally.

At ISS-ULink, we are capacity builders, who share a passionate belief in the capacity of every group and/or individual to learn how to learn and to learn how to contribute constructively to create or be part of a sustainable learning ecosystem. At the core of that learning ecosystem lies the collaboration amongst all learners including educators, parents, students and members of the greater community. We recognize the critical need for providing learning environments that are learner-centered, dynamic, culturally responsive and synergetic. ISS-ULink aims to provide innovative solutions to schools and communities to define and design their ecosystems that would ultimately impact the future of learning.

What is the state of your learning ecosystem?

Lila Leung

Our Vision

 A world of learning based on respect for diversity and choice

 The equitable pursuit of excellence

 The programming for talent development for all learners

 The promotion of research and evidence based effective practice

Our Mission

We are dedicated to transforming kindergarten through 12th grade education so all learners, students and teachers alike, can engage in their learning, thrive in their studies, and contribute to the improvement of the world around them as global citizens.